With the recent popularity of girls/women flag football leagues springing up throughout the U.S, and high school athletic associations adopting girls flag as a recognized competitive team sport, and the most recent revelation from the International Olympic Committee recognizing flag football as a fully sanctioned sport for the 2028 LA Olympic Games ... It's pretty safe to say that girls/women flag has arrived.  

With an influx of girls wanting to participate in competitive 5 vs. 5 / 7 vs. 7 flag football, the demand for non-contact football training has risen.  Unlike full contact football, in flag there is no offensive line or blocking allowed.  That limits the offensive plays run to be 90% "forward pass" and 5% run.   So the one position that remains to be integral, in a successful flag offense ... is that of the quarterback position.

The better prepared you are as a "field general", the easier and more enjoyable your experience will be on the field of play!  The QBFG Academy is completely committed to aid in the development of the female quarterback. Our training will have a heavy emphasis on;

• QB Fundamentals
• Throwing Mechanics
• Footwork & Pocket Agility
• Reading Defensive Coverages
• Throwing on the Run

  Sign up for our inaugural girls QB Boot Camp coming up in December 2023!

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