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Coach Ry 

Coach  Ry   Akana  is  the  founder  and  head coach    of    the   Quarterback  Field  General Academy    (QBFG).    QBFG   Academy   has helped  many  young  men  learn  to  correctly play  the  quarterback  position,  develop their  QB  skills  and  hone  their  QB I.Q.   He  also  volunteers   as   the   quarterbacks   coach   at Russell   Wilsons'  Passing  Academy  camps  in   Seattle   and  Portland.  He  also  coaches the  middle  school  and  prep quarterbacks at USA   Footballs'   U.S  National  Development camp,  and   at   FBU's   (Football  University)  Regional camps in Seattle.

Coach   Ry   is   originally   from  the  beautiful island   of   Molokai   in   Hawaii.    He  moved  his  family  to  the  Pacific  Northwest  in 1993. For  the  last 29 years, he has  been coaching football  in the Bellevue area, at the youth and high  school levels.  

He    has    coached    every    position,   both offensively   and   defensively.   But,  his  real passion  lies   in  coaching   the  quarterback  position. 

He  started  the QBFG Academy, after having had the  opportunity to  intern  
with  the  "QB  Guru" George Whitfield.   George is  credited for  further  developing the QB I.Q, skills and  talents   of  collegiate  and  NFL quarterbacks such   as   Cam  Newton,  Jameis  Winston,   Andrew Luck, Johnny Manziel, Connor Cook  and  Josh  Rosen.  Ry,  learned a great deal   from shadowing George  at  his  "Black Ops"  camps, and at his "Slay On" tour  in  Seattle.  More    than    just    chasing     quarterbacks  around   the   field   with   a  broom,  George  

Coach Ry with Superbowl XLVIII champion quarterback
Russell Wilson at his inaugural camp in Seattle.
Coach Ry with George Whitfield., at the "Slay On" Tour
camp in Seattle.

Whitfield   is   an   innovator   at   developing  the   quarterbacks   "Sixth  Sense",  with   his unconventional,  but  clearly  proven,  training methods.

In   2022,   Coach   Ry  was  invited  by  Galu Tagovailoa  to  be  on staff as a quarterbacks coach, at the 2022 Polynesian Bowl combine held in Las Vegas, Nevada.   The Polynesian Bowl   holds   its   annual  combine  to  select worthy  players  to  participate  in the coveted Polynesian Bowl held in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

Galu  is  also  the  owner  and  head coach at Raising Champions, LLC.    His organizations develops  quarterbacks  and athletes through its core foundation values of; family, faith and Culture.
Galu's two sons, Tua (current NFL QB for the Miami  Dolphins)  and  Taulia  (current  NCAA QB  for  the  Maryland  Terapins).   Both,  are products  of  the  vision and exceptional skills training given by their father.

Coach  Ry  is most proud of the one element  of  the QBFG Academy, which he deems and believes   prepares  young  men  to  become  better   prepared   leaders,   on   and   off  the field.  Understanding  the  natural  leadership qualities inherent at the quarterback position, Coach  Ry  saw  an  opportunity  to  create a  leadership   model   that   would  help  young  men  get   a   better   understanding  on  how to  be  a  more  effective  leader,  at an earlier stage   in   a   young  man's  life.   Leadership Alliance is that model.

Coach Ry with Galu Tagovailoa at the 2022 Polynesian Bowl combine in Las Vegas.  Galu is the owner and head coach of
Rasing Champions, LLC and proud father of Tua & Taulia Tagovailoa

The  Leadership   Alliance   model  goes  through  all  the  different  leadership  styles, identifies leadership   types,   and   how  to   best  utilize  their  given  personalities  to  be  more  effective leaders.   Through  the   leadership  alliance   course,  they   become part   of the  "Leadership   Alliance"   fraternity.   This   quarterback   brotherhood   allows    them   to   stay   in  touch  wth  one  another,  talk  about  their  challenges  and   successes,  and  help  each  other  grow.   As they  grow  and  learn,  it  is  our  belief  that  these  learned  kills will aid them as they progress through life.


Contact Coach Ry

Ph: (425) 269-8836

email: coachry@qbfgacademy.com

Twitter: @coachryakana

Instagram: @coachryakana

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 Coach Akana

Coach  Stanton  Akana  is  the  recruiter  and camp  director  for  the  QBFG  Academy. He primarily  oversees  the  recruitment  of talent for  QB  training.  He  handles  all logistics for Boot  Camps,  Jr. Field General Quarterback camps,  Intermediate   Core  Training  (I.CT), Advanced  Field  Training (A.F.T) & OFFCON 6 Training models.

As    a   defensive   coach   and   coordinator, Coach  Akana  is influential in helping design drills in our "Mayhem Training", to better help our  QB's  see  and  react  to  tough, complex defenses  they  will  actually  see  on the field of play.

Stanton  attended High School at Kamehameha  Schools  and  was  a  three-sport  Letterman  in

Football,   Basketball,   and   Baseball   where he  was  a  1st- team  All - I.L.H.  Linebacker,  1st  team  All-State  Linebacker,  and  Prep  All-American.   Was  on  two  State  Championship teams his  junior  and  senior  years.   Went  on  to  play  football  at  Ricks  College  where  he  was  a  two  time  All-American  as a linebacker. Moved on to BYU and played linebacker.


Graduated  from  BYU  in  education  and  has  been  teaching  for  the past 25 years.  Has been coaching  football  for  25  years between Timpview, Provo, Orem, and Timpanogos high schools.

Currently, he is the Outside linebackers coach at Wasatch H.S in Heber City, UT.



Coach Rooney 

Coach  Patrick  Rooney  is from Bellevue, WA. He   attended  Sammamish  high  school  from 2003-2007.   In   2007,  Patrick   received  2nd team All-Kingco honors at quarterback.  

Patrick  went  on  to  play  collegiate football at Claremont-Mudd-Scripps  college in California. He  played quarterback there from 2008-2011.  Patrick    obtained    his    college    degree   in business  finance,  and  works as a accountant for a national firm in Seattle.

Coach  Rooney  loves sharing the experiences he  gained  playing the position of quarterback, with the youth.



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