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Thank  you  for taking the time to stop   by   and   visit   the   QBFG Academy  website.   If   you  are  ready  to   take   your  QB  game  to  the  next  level  of  play,  and   desire   to   be  a  bonafide  field   general  . . .  you  have come to the right place. 

The   "Field  General"  in  football refers to the offensive leader of a team,   or   the   quarterback.   A  successful   field  general  is  one who  is capable  of  consistently   and   very    quickly   assess  the 

situation  in  front  of  him,  at the line of scrimmage, make timely decisions, and execute plays  that  will  advance  his  team  down  the  field  of  pay and put 6 on the scoreboard. Our goal at QBFG Academy  is  to  develop  the core quarterback mechanics and fundamentals, mold and sharpen  the  quarterback  IQ,  ad produce astute and effective field generals.  Our philosophy  and training methods focus on the core fundamentals of complete quarterback play.

Training Includes:
• Footwork                                       • Tight Window Throws  
• QB Agility                                      • Coverage Recognition
• Throwing Mechanics                     • Progression Reads
• Accuracy                                       • Throw on the Run
• Drops                                            • Quick Release
• Pocket Sensory                             • Video Work              
• Gap Rush/Blitz Escapes               • Chalk Talk
• Play Action Work                           • Leadership Skills

When you decide to train with  the   QBFG  Academy,  we  don't  refer  to  you  as  our  trainee  or  client,  you  become  our partner.  This partnership is a two-way street, where we both work and  collaborate  together  to achieve your goals.  WE, commit ourselves to your development  by  providing  you  the  knowledge  and tools needed for a successful career.  YOU, commit to  learn and follow the training you are given, dedicating yourself to always improve, and develop a strong work ethic.

The  QBFG  Academy seeks to instill three equally important attributes into our training model. We  believe that these values are the foundation to becoming an efficient QB and  an  effective leader. They are:



One,  trust.   Trust  is a characteristic that must be earned. To be an   effective   field   general   and   leader,   you  must  have  the trust of  your  coaches   and  team   mates.    Characteristics   of  trust   are  composed  of  beliefs, or one's convictions. 

A  belief   system  in  yourself,  and  your  abilities  will  carry you through   your   rough patches, and  times  of  self  doubt.  If  you don't trust and believe in yourself, it will show in your play.

Two,  leadership.  The   quarterback   position   in   itself,   if  you think   about   it,   ossesses  inherent  leadership  qualities.  We  aim  to  teach  you  how  to cultivate  and foster these leadership skills, so you can be great leaders on and off the field.  

Developing     leadership     skills     through    the    quarterback  position   will   undoubtedly   be   imperative   as  you  lead  your  team,  and  invaluable  to  you  as you progress through life after football.

Three, character.  Character is the stable and distinctive qualities of  one's  individual  moral  fiber,  which determines one's ethical  responses  regardless  of circumstances.  Your character defines the person that you are.  

People,  are  almost   always,  more  than  willing  to  follow  the  person  who  posesses  a  high  and  unquestionable  character.  They do it  simply  because  they trust that they'll be led to do the right thing, whenever they have doubts.

The   QBFG   Academy   doesn't   search  for,  or seek  out  gifted  athletes  to  train.  We  want individuals who  have  a  desire  to  improve,  who  are  dedicated  to  nvest  the required time, and  who  are willing  to  do  whatever  it  takes to achieve greatness.  When we have this type of commitment, the sky is the limit!  

If you're committed and ready ... Let's Do Work.



"Coach Ry has helped me to further develop my awareness in the pocket, and decision making process. Aside from all the quarterback training, I really value the leadership skills taught by the QBFG Academy.  I really learned a lot  about myself, and how to truly lead.

 Fa'afetai lava coach! Good luck in all your future training.

 -- Sefo Liufau, University of Colorado




The  QBFG  Academy  is  designed  to  help  individuals  learn  to  play  the  position  of  quarterback  in the game of american  football.  To  develop the necessary skills to compete at a high level of play.  We do NOT make claims, nor do  we  make  any  guarantees  that our training methods will secure a starting position, or increased playing time on your  respective  team.  We  do  claim,  however,  that the  skills  acquired  while  training under the QBFG Academy training model, will give you a definitive advantage when competing for that starting spot, and or, playing time.


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