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Congratulations Coby!

Posted by Akana Ohana on Thursday, February 15, 2018,
Congratulations Coby for being named to the 2017 Kingco 2A, All-League 1st team as Quarterback! Very proud of this outstanding field general and his accomplishments on the field and maintaining a 3.5 in the classroom. He also received the "Leadership Award" at the Totems team banquet for distinguished leadership for the 2017 season.  Keep up the great work Coby!

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The One Word Leaders Never Use

Posted by QBFG Academy on Monday, September 14, 2015, In : Leadership 

Author: Anurag Harsh, Founding Exec & SVP at Ziff Davis

As soon as you introduce uncertainty into any relationship, the seeds of doubt quickly germinate and spread their roots. It is often the case that success is reliant on the actions and promises of others – so anyone that may be perceived as unreliable (fairly or unfairly) is often marginalized when the important tasks and projects come along. The ability to deliver on what you promise is one of the most valued attributes of a mo...

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